Albion One VST Crack Mac & Win + Torrent Free Download

Albion One VST Crack Mac & Win + Torrent Free Download

Albion ONE Crack  is an orchestral sample library that runs in the Kontakt sampler player, both the free and paid-for editions, version 5.5 or higher. It requires 112Gb of space for installation but settles down to 58Gb when installed.

The first Albion 1 sample library, now referred to as the Legacy edition, was released in 2011. In 2015, with rapid developments in Spitfire’s sampling technology, the company discontinued it and launched Albion ONE with a new interface and brand new recordings. It soon became one of Spitfire’s best-selling libraries.

To mark Spitfire Audio’s tenth year in business, the company released an updated version called, naturally enough, Albion ONE 10th Anniversary Edition (from here on in, we’ll just call it Albion ONE).

Albion ONE Crack a one-stop shop for film composers featuring recordings from a 109-piece orchestra, massive cinematic percussion, processed loops and a synth. The orchestra was recorded in Air Studios, London, which is where many Hollywood blockbuster film scores were recorded, in order to capture the same quality and ambience.

You gotta have heart
The heart of Albion ONE is the orchestral sections. There are Brass High, Brass Mid, Brass Low, Strings, Woods High and Woods Low. Each has an appropriate set of articulations. Strings has the most with Spiccato, Spic/Stac, Pizzicato, Col Legno, Long, Long CS (Con Sordino, with the mute), Tremolo, Low 8ves Short and Low 8ves Long.

Woods Low only has Short and Long with the other instruments falling somewhere inbetween. You can select articulations from the interface or keyswitches on a keyboard.

All switch
In the new GUI, you can switch each mic on and off and adjust their relative volumes. The Easy Mix setting simply lets you adjust a slider between Close and Far which is probably all you need while initially putting a piece together.

Other controls on the Simple interface let you adjust dynamics, the Release time, Tightness (how tightly short notes play), Reverb and Expression.

Spic and span
The sounds of these six instruments are, in a word, exceptional. For many film composers, the first patch to try with an orchestral library is the Spiccato Strings. They will have you trying out ostinati up and down the keyboard. The default setting is full and works brilliantly at a range of speeds and across the dynamic range. It’s one of those sounds that just begs you to compose with it.

Sound of six
But there’s a lot more to Albion ONE. Inside the main orchestra folder are six more folders.

COG patches are identical to the main instruments but have an additional option to adjust the sample start time.

Combinations holds 15 different instrument combinations such as Brass High and Strings Long Tremolo, Brass Mid Short and Strings Low 8ves Short, and Woods Low Short and Strings Short Col Legno. There are some very interesting and useful combinations here and you can crossfade between the layers with the Mod wheel.

Albion ONE Crack it certainly is, being more than twice the size of its predecessor. Better? Well, let’s see. Boasting a “large epic orchestra” of 109 players and a title which sounds like an overpriced London riverside development, the new Albion One aims to preserve the essential approach and popular aspects of the original while adding new features developed for Spitfire libraries over the last four years. As a nod to the faithful who bought Albion Volume 1 (all of whom were offered a substantial discount on the new library), some legacy patches have been included. However, the bulk of the material has been freshly recorded, making this a genuinely new library.

Like all the company’s large-scale orchestral titles, Albion One was recorded at London’s AIR Studios, formerly the property of the late Sir George Martin. One can only imagine the quizzical smile on the great man’s face if, on the day he bought the building back in 1991, a bearded visitor from the future had materialised and informed him that in 25 years’ time people would be playing massive orchestras recorded at this location on their laptop computers. The famed AIR hall sound is captured across four mic positions ranging from close to distant, while 96kHz recording via a two-inch tape path unites the highest audio standards of the digital and analogue eras — a fact, I’m sure, Sir George would have appreciated.

Available by download or on a hard drive, this 89.8GB collection of nearly 50,000 samples compresses losslessly to around 50GB once installed (the makers warn that 106.6GB of disk space is required during the installation). A copy of the free Kontakt Player is included with the library. The contents are divided into four main sections: Albion Orchestra, Darwin Percussion Ensemble, Brunel Loops and Stephenson’s Steam Band, names guaranteed to make the hearts of patriotic British Sound On Sound readers (well, there must be one or two) burst with pride. We’ll take a detailed look at each section.

Albion One Orchestra Strings

The main selling point of Albion is that its orchestral sections are pre-orchestrated, so rather than (say) separate first violins, second violins, violas, cellos and basses, you get a blended ensemble of all five, mapped according to range, with the lower strings giving way to violins in the high register. This would be a disadvantage for old-school orchestral composers who like to construct arrangements in traditional score format one instrument or section at a time, but for less experienced users seeking more instant results, it’s a Godsend. Simply put, it means you can immediately hear the sound of full orchestral ensembles doing their thing, enabling you to concentrate on musical creation without having to continually think about what patch you’re going to need next.

Though the honeymoon phase of my relationship with orchestral samples is now just a happy memory, the library’s main ‘Strings.NKI’ patch managed to rekindle my ardour. It contains a spiccato articulation of the highest order, a commanding, briskly brushed stroke played by a six-octave, full strings section. Sounding amazingly lush and sheer in AIR’s spacious hall, this impressive delivery works exceptionally well on loud, vigorous rhythm passages, but it’s also capable of light, subtle interjections. Overall, it’s a great string texture that almost compels you to write music, and a sound with which I can happily improvise for excessive periods of time.

Accompanying this stellar articulation is a useful set of basic playing styles. The ‘Spic/Stac’ patch uses a slightly longer bowing than the tense, ultra-brief spiccatos, while looped long notes are on hand for string pads. These ultra-dynamic sustains can sound both romantic and forceful, and although Spitfire haven’t published their section sizes, they achieve most of the plush, expansive quality of the large string ensembles featured in the company’s Mural Ensembles, and are warmer and somewhat more full-bodied than Albion Vol 1’s original strings. A simulated con sordino style models the tone of muted strings; though some may bemoan the lack of real mutes, this is an attractive timbre which by its nature perfectly matches the unmuted samples, enabling you to switch between the two with no nasty surprises. Excellent tremolos, exquisitely plump pizzicatos and col legno bow hits are also included.


  • Ready-to-go blended orchestral sections and percussion performed by top players in a world-famous hall.
  • Recorded from multiple mic positions.
  • Also includes an extremely versatile collection of rhythm loops, synth sounds and effects.


  • The blended ensemble approach means there’s no access to individual strings or winds.
  • Limited brass and woodwind articulation menu.
  • No proper manual.


Designed for those who want an instant orchestral sound without having to painstakingly program the individual elements, Albion One takes much of the strain out of creating orchestral arrangements. Combining a large, great-sounding orchestra recorded at AIR Studios with big-screen percussion, rhythm loops, synth pads and effects, the library provides all the essential ingredients for modern media scoring. The lack of solo instruments and individual sections, coupled with the small brass and woodwind articulation menu, make it unsuitable for recreating the detail of a traditional score, but it achieves its mission of giving users “all the essential tools used to make modern epic cinematic music” very well.

System Requirement

  • Requires Kontakt 6 or + (cracked verison only)
  • 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows 10 & OSX 10.13 or up
  • 4 GB free disk space on the system drive
  • Working on ANY Daw

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